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Ed Micu, LMHC

Edward received his Masters Degree from Cambridge College, as well as a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Counseling/ Psychology and is a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) in Massachusetts. Edward holds extensive experience supporting parents and working with adolescent behavior concerns in and out of the educational setting.

In addition to working clinically with adults, couples, adolescents and their families, Edward has over 20 years as a licensed Massachusetts public school teacher. Edward has broad experience assisting clients and families with crisis management, setting expectations and goals in their life as well as behavioral health and substance abuse concerns.

  • Utilizing a straight forward, structured approach in working with clients with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and Panic and Stress related physical ailments and Family Discord, Edward can assist clients in developing the communication skills and strategies necessary for achieving success in all areas of their life.
  • Supervised Visitation services offered in the community or at the office. Serving Suffolk, Middlesex, Essex Counties and Martha’s Vineyard. Offering parents a safe, neutral, conflict free access to their children.